Foster Carers training based on ‘My Backpack’


Training was held on Saturday morning for people who want to start fostering children between the ages of 4 and 12, with the training focusing on the ‘My Backpack’ program which is being applied in several European countries.

This program, designed by Social Worker Bep van Sloten, offers a mechanism to help children ultimately better understand and adapt to a new life away from what they knew from an early age. small.

NET News spoke to a member of the National Foster Care Association, John Role, who was among those who worked to raise this training for a number of people.

During this training, in addition to explaining the importance of fostering, it was also a practice of talking to children to ensure that no further harm is done. In fact, those present were asked to imagine and put themselves in a situation that every fostered child would go through to better understand how they feel.

Role also explained that to do fostering is not an easy thing but it gives so much satisfaction.

The fact that fostering people use the ‘My Backpack’ program helps children a lot to adapt as Social Workers and Foster Carers have had to unwind more or less from their observation due to the spread of Covid. -19… as a result the children were not having sessions with professionals to come out of the traumatic experiences they went through.