Work by young people to remove stigma on fostered children

Just as much as the fostering system is seen as a good gesture for children who end up being taken away from their families, so much more is still a stigma on those people who talk about these experiences.

In fact, many go through negative experiences because they have simply been raised with fostered families.

Net News spoke to some of the young people who participated in meetings to finally make a document with proposals so that children who are fostered are no longer placed in an ugly light. In fact, many are afraid to say that they have been or are being fostered… precisely because of this stigma.

Some of those fostered were among the few who lived with one family as in most children they end up changing families several times, with the result that they do not adapt to one place.

But what does the fostering system mean to these young people?

The future of a child without a family is uncertain, and the least they want to go through is stigma from society.

Present at these meetings was the Nationalist Deputy, Ivan Bartolo who listened to the experiences of these young people to better understand what these people go through when they are with fostered families.